Here are a few of our Retired breeders. As we have been learning about true Traditional Siberian Breeding through Siberian Cat Breeder Mentors and have been doing research on Pedigrees. We have decided to phase out our group 4 and Neva Masquerade cats.

Although cats with Neva Masquerade or NEM in their bloodlines are very beautiful cats and have a unique look, we have personally decided to focus on trying to keep the breeding lines as pure as possible by seeking out Purebred Siberians with no NEM at foundation and adding them to our existing breeding plan. This will be a process that may take a couple of years, but we are trying to speed up the process by finding our Group 4 cats happy homes.

Romantik has been retired as a breeder. He is the the most affectionate cat, and his kittens all share his wonderful personality. He has sired the most adorable litters!

He is now living happily with his wonderful new family in their home in Seattle!

Romantik | Neva Masqurade Siberian
​Romantik is a big cat who came to us from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is a seal tabby point with white. Romo, as we call him is one of the most affectionate cats you will ever meet. He is a very large cat and acts more like a dog/ He is loyal, comes when he's called and likes to lie on our porch in the summer on his back with his paws up. He also likes to cozy up on the sofa beside my husband or take naps at his feet. Even though he is large, our little ones like to carry him around everywhere wrapped around their shoulders like a sweater.
Itsvan| Group 4 Siberian
​Itsvan is a beautiful cat who came to us from Oklahoma.
He is a red silver (traditional) tabby. Istvan likes to laze around and sleeps most of the day. He's a growing boy and has surprised us with how big he's gotten.
Our kids have enjoyed training all of our cats and they have trained Istvan to play fetch and do obstacle courses. 

Although Istvan is a beautiful cat. He is a group 4 Siberian. I bought him with the assumption that he had a traditional pedigree but after I had learned and understood more about traditional Pedigrees I found out (after the fact) that he was only traditional in color, not in his pedigree. His pedigree has Neva Masquerade at foundation. So we decided to give Istvan to a relative of ours who really wanted him. They are both very happy!

We plan on getting a cat that looks like Istvan because his color goes very well with our silvers but the new cat we get will have a purely Siberian pedigree.

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