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LITTER C  has arrived!
Queen: Ivy
Sire: Max
Ivy gave birth on April 1st to five healthy kittens. One black & white, one tri-colour, one red and two are black smoke like their dad. There are 3 people (possibly 4 on this waitlist).
Litter D has been bred. The due date is end of April
Queen: Ophelia
Sire: Max
This will be Ophelia's first litter so we can't determine how many kittens will be in the litter or what the colors will be. Will keep you posted on their arrival! There is 1 person currently on this waitlist, although people on Litter E's waitlist have first right to pass on kittens from this litter.
Litter E is currently being bred and the litter is to be expected the end of May.
Queen: Catrina
Sire: Max
Catrina usually has 6 or 7 kittens.  The kittens from this litter will mostly be silver, with usually one brown and one blue kitten. Currently there are 4 people on this waitlist.


BG*Catrina | Siberian | Group 3
​Catrina is our beautiful silver queen. She came to us from Sofia, Bulgaria. She is 2 years old and will be fully grown at 5 years old. She is a great representation of the Siberian breed. Her green eyes are simply incredible.

She's a great momma, is the queen of her castle and very regal. She shows much love to her kittens!

WAITLIST LITTER E:  Layne, Trevor, Teresa, Luly


Ivolga| Siberian |Group 2

Ivy's is a beautiful bi-color Siberian with gold eyes. Bi-color means she has a lot of white fur as you can see on her belly. She came to us from Italy. Her grandparents are originally from Russia. She is a sweet, cuddly cat. She has the sweetest personality and raises the most affectionate kittens.

IVY AND MAX's litter has been born. There are 5 healthy happy kittens. Four of these kittens have been reserved.

WAITLIST LITTER C: Megan, Darlene, Kimberly, Megan


Maximus | Siberian |Group 1


Meet Maximus. Max is an extremely rare group 1 black smoke Siberian. Max does not have any Neva Masquerade, Colorpoint or other cat breed mixed in his bloodlines. It is very common even for Traditional Siberians to have Neva Masquerade (NEM) somewhere in their pedigree or carry the colorpoint gene. Group 1 means that he is purely Siberian. Among the thousands of Siberian catteries, only 12 breeders in the world breed group 1 cats; and eight of those breeders are located in Russia & Europe.

Max has been bred to Ophelia and their kittens will be born in April and ready to go to their new homes in the Summer.

As you can see from Max's photos, black smoke kittens blossom into the most STUNNING and beautiful cats imaginable!

Newest Additions to our Siberian family and future pairings

We have kept a Silver from Previous litters. She is a Silver bi-color with white, named Ophelia. We've have had fun watching her grow up within our cattery. She is a very loving cat and she is soon to be a mother of her 1st litter!

Ophelia has been paired with Max. We're looking forward to their 1st litter in the early Spring. They are both beautiful cats with great qualities. 

Big Gary, our silver male sire has just been placed in a new cattery South of Tacoma. 

All our cats are very much part of our family and everyday life. We also enjoy seeing our extended Siberian Cat families in their new homes.... so send us pics of your Siberian!


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