We are a small hobby cattery in the country who raise our cats & kittens as part of our family.
Our kittens have close contact with us and form human bonds from the moment they are born. They are raised with lots of affection, love, are accustomed to being held and also bathed. They love their humans and are very much a part of our family!
Raising loving kittens requires undivided attention and individual care. We have lots of helping hands in our family, so each kitten is able to receive undivided attention.
All our kittens are vaccinated and dewormed on schedule. It is of course understood that the new owners will receive the kitten's Vet and health records.
Depending on where you are located, your the kitten will be ready to go to it's new home anywhere between 10-16 weeks, sooner if you are local. Often times, we can personally deliver the kitten to your home locally or you can come pick the kitten up.
All of our cats & kittens pedigrees are registered with TICA.  Please be advised that after the new family takes ownership, the kitten's TICA registration is done by mail once the new owner's have completed the kitten's spay or neuter; their info will be received by the organization and Registration will be mailed out shortly after.
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 Kitten Info
Kitten Health


Kittens are wormed from 2 weeks of age every two weeks until they go to their new home. Our kittens will receive all needed vaccinations at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and, if they are still in our care, 16 weeks. A set of vaccinations for protection against feline panleukopenia (FVP), feline viral rhinotracheitis (FHV-1) and feline calicivirus (FCV), round & hook dewormer.  A rabies vaccine will only be given if we still have the kitten at 16 weeks. 

A medical record signed by an examining veterinarian shall be provided to the buyer at the time of sale. 

All of our breeding Queens and Toms are tested for FeL/FIV and are negative.

A Health Guarantee is given with each kitten/cat purchased. You can request a copy of the kitten contract which can be given at the time of deposit.

Kitten Care package 
Local purchase or personal delivery of a kitten will include a receiving blanket, a container of starter food, breakfree kitten collar, & cat toy. 
Out of State Shipping & Transporation 
Is available only via domestic airlines at this time. Although, I have worked with international pet courier companies before, so if you live in a different country, we can discuss that option if you're interested. 
If you live in another state (other than Washington state) we will be using Delta Airlines via pet cargo; They are fantastic with their Pet Care services. The fee is between 350-450 USD through their airlines which will depend on the nearest major airport you live by in the U.S. 
There will be a fee for a cat carrier if you require one for air transport.
I can  also arrange to have a flight nanny deliver the kitten to your nearest major airport if you prefer; a person will hand deliver your kitten directly to you. It usually costs around $500 if booked in advance. $600 for two kittens. 
Local Delivery Options
I can deliver for free in Mount Vernon.
Longer distances, I am also available to deliver your new kitten directly to you for a fee of .55 US cents a mile in Washington to longer distance locations within the state such as anywhere South of Everett or East of Bellevue. A flat fee of $125.00 USD to Friday Harbor. 
Canadian Customers: Free delivery to Abbotsford, Langley, Maple Ridge, White Rock or Tsaawssen. It will be $1.50 CDN a mile within B.C. to places east of Chilliwack or North of Langley.
A flat fee of $180.00 CND for ferry trips to Vancouver Island, Saltspring and the gulf islands.
Location & Cattery Visit
We are dual citizens and spend a lot of time in both countries. We have two residences, one in Victoria, BC and one north of Bellingham, WA. We are caretakers at both houses and the residences are located beside a church. But our main location where the cats & kittens reside is in Ferndale, Wa. 
You are welcome to visit our home in Ferndale to see our Siberian cats & kittens for a $50 USD visit fee.   
We welcome you to schedule a visit us when it's convenient for you.
Kitten Info
Photos will be updated either on this website  or on the Facebook Cattery page  Follow our FB cattery page for updates and new photos! As the kittens grow & develop, I will post a small write up telling you about each of kitten's temperament and predilection.  You can also follow the legacycats instagram page.
Please contact for details on the price of the kitten you are interested in. Kitten's prices range from $1,200-1,400 USD
Preferred method of payment can be made through your bank via Person-to-Person transfer.
Your bank should have a mobile app you can download which is automatically connected to Zelle/Quickpay . You can then transfer money securely there for no fees!
In person Cash payments and Canadian e-transfers are also an accepted forms of payment.
Final payment must clear 3 business days before the transfer of kitten date.
If your method of payment is PayPal please add a 3% processing fee to the amount being sent (as it is always deducted on my end; I can show you a copy).
If you are International you can send globally via MoneyGram or you can send directly via Western Union if do not have Paypal or MoneyGram in your country. 
A kitten may be Reserved and your name added to the waitlist for a non-refundable deposit of $300. Your deposit will then go to the balance of the kitten you choose. Personal checks and money orders are accepted for the deposit, as well as any of the payment methods listed above.
Final payment must clear 3 business days before the transfer of kitten date.
To join waitlist, click here.
AVAILABLE = kitten is available for purchase
ON HOLD = Deposit is pending
RESERVED = Deposit has been received
OBSERVATION = Kitten stays within Cattery - I reserve the right to have the 1st choice of the litter for future breeding/show purposes the cattery.

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